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Federal Inmate Population Average 150,000+/- people.
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About Prison

ISBN: 0534623557


By FedCURE member Michael G. Santos.  About Prison helps others learn about the abnormal way of life behind the walls and fences of prison. To provide readers with a more complete and realistic picture of the growing subculture that exists in prison, the author provides both his own experiences and observations of living as a prisoner, as well as dialogues, vignettes, and profiles of other prisoners. This text addresses the unprecedented growth in the prison system over the past two decades, and asks future correctional professionals to critically examine the current prison system.

Michael G. Santos began his life as a federal prisoner in 1987, at age twenty-three, in a maximum-security prison. Since then, he has spent a few years as a medium-security prisoner, and he is now confined in the low-security prison at Fort Dix , in New Jersey . While confined, Santos has completed a BA and a MS degree in criminal justice and is now working to help educate both the prison population and those outside of prison walls about prison life.

First-hand accounts from prisoners provide readers with a realistic picture of daily prisoner life. Santos discusses the informal social structure of a prison, including the underground monetary system, bartering, sexual mores, working in prison, and interaction with the outside world.  The book discusses the correctional system process of being admitted to a prison, transfer to prisons, punishments and system administration.

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