Federal Inmate Population Average 150,000+/- people.
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Fred M. Mosely, J.D., L.L.M., Board of Director

Committees: FedCURE's Legislative Action, Presidential Ex-inmate Reentry Initiative, Membership and Finance Committees.


            Fred M. Mosely served as FedCURE's Chairman from 2002 to 2003 and continues to serve on FedCURE's board of Directors. Mosely's duties include, inter alia, aligning FedCURE's spiritual activities to the needs of its constituents.  


In 1985, while serving as Municipal Court Judge was indicted, and convicted of receiving kickbacks from private contractors.  He served 7 years and six months in federal, and state penal institutions, and was released in 1993.  Since his release, Mosely has established Justice Affiliates, comprised of Justice Ministries International, Justice Associates, and Justice Project.  He has been actively involved in prison ministry, prison reform, and has served on the Board of the American Correctional Association (ACA), and varies other boards.


            Mosely has sat on every strategic seat in the courtroom, and has experience on all levels in the American Justice System.  He is the author of a series of books, produced a DVD series on "The Laws of Life," has appeared on several national television programs, and is presently developing a weekly television series entitled "Justice For All" wherein he will serve as executive producer, and host.


            Future plans include the establishment of the "Justice Network" consisting of around the clock programming dealing with secular, and spiritual legal issues.


Contact Information:


Fred M. Mosely, J.D. L.L.M.

Justice Affiliates

P.O. Box 15115

Cleveland, Ohio 44115

1- 440-349-9154 Home Phone

E-mail:  Moselyjustice1@aol.com

URL:    www.spirituallawsoflife.com



Additional Information




Born 10/08/1944 Birmingham, AL

Youngest of five siblings

Married 34 years (Rosalyn)

3 Daughters, 1 Grandson




President & Founder of Justice Affiliates - Cleveland, Ohio


Facilitates all activities of the entities comprising Justice Affiliates including but not limited to Justice Associates which provides legal trial consulting to local trial attorneys; Justice Project, a not-for-profit Corporation which provides assistance to men and women recently released from incarceration and counseling to their family members; and Justice Ministries which conducts teaching seminars and publications on spiritual law.


Special Consultant (Ohio Charter Schools)


Assisted in the organization and development of two Ohio Charter Schools. Instrumental in drafting all pertinent documents for incorporation, 501C3 status and charter certification.


Trial and Administrative Judge - State of Ohio


Administrative Judge


Was responsible for all court administrative matters including but not limited to hiring, setting salaries, personnel policies, administrative reports to the State Supreme Court, budgets, etc.


Trial Judge


Presided over all court litigation including but not limited to civil lawsuits, city taxes, evictions, small claims, housing violations, criminal misdemeanors, felony bindovers, and bond settings.


Trial Attorney United States Justice Department Antitrust Division


Was responsible for investigating and prosecuting major corporations throughout the U.S. for antitrust violations.


Private Practice of Law


Specialized in litigation (criminal and civil). Also represented small corporations and other business entities.


Special Assistant Ohio Attorney General


Received special case assignments from The Ohio Attorney General to investigate and prosecute business entities.


Assistant County Prosecutor


Represented Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio in over 100 jury trials involving offenses ranging from Aggravated Murder, Burglary, Robbery, Rape, Assault, Theft and Business crimes. Also handled hundreds of pre-trials involving such offenses.




Public Schools Birmingham, AL


Associate in Arts Degree, Daniel Payne College, Birmingham, AL


Bachelor of Arts Degree, Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, OH


Juris Doctor Degree, Cleveland Marshall College of Law, Cleveland, OH


Master of Laws Degree, Cleveland Marshall College of Law, Cleveland, OH




Ordained Minister, Justice Ministries


Speaker, lecturer, Author, and Consultant


Member of Board of Directors


(1)   Federal Cure, the federal chapter of Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errant  (CURE)

       Washington, D.C.

(2)   Emmanuel Promise of Hope Cleveland, OH

(3)   Tina Marie Ford Foundation Cleveland, OH

(4)   Dove Media Group Inc., Dallas TX