Federal Inmate Population Average 150,000+/- people.
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Federal Court Directory by Circuit

Federal Judicial Center

Federal District Courts

Federal Appeals Courts

United States Supreme Court

United States Attorney's Manual

Federal Sentencing

United States Sentencing Guidelines Manual (Nov. 2000 Edition)

November, 2001 Sentencing Guideline Amendments

December, 2000 Sentencing Guideline Amendments

United States Sentencing Commission

USSC Federal Register Notices

Introduction to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, 5th Ed., by the Federal Public/Community Defenders. Jan. 2001)

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Handbook

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United States Code

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United States Congress

Thomas- Federal Legislation Server

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Congressional Record Index - 1983-2001

Catalog of Public Laws since 1995

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Federal Bureau of Prisons

BOP Electronic FOIA Form

United States Department of Justice

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Bureau of Governmental Research

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National Institute of Corrections

Office of the Inspector General

Office of Justice Programs

Federal Government Regulations

United States Sentencing Commission

Federal Government Telephone Directory


Legal Research

BOP Electronic FOIA Form

FindLaw Criminal Law Index

Martindale Hubbell Lawyer Locator


Public Record Database

Prisoner's Rights Laws

Indigent Defense

Criminal Justice Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Justice Research and Statistics

National Center of Health Statistics

National Archive Criminal Justice Data

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

United States Sentencing Statistics by Year and State


Professional Associations

American Bar Association

Brennan Center for Research

Correctional Education Association

Federal Defenders

National Prison Hospice Association

Physicians for Human Rights

American Correctional Health Services

National Association of Drug Courts

National Center for Policy Analysis

American Probation and Parole Association

American Correctional Association

Federal Criminal Justice Reform

Action Committee for Women in Prison

A Sentence of Their Own

ACLU National Prison Project

American Friends Society

Amnesty International

Restorative Justice Project

Better People

Books Not Bars

Campaign for New Drug Policies

Cell Door Magazine

Centerforce-an online resource for people affected by incarceration.

Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Center for Community Alternatives

Center for Court Innovation

Center for Women in Transition

Chicago Legal Advocacy for Incarceratd Mothers


Common Sense for Drug Policy

Community Justice Exchange

Criminal Justice Forum


Critical Resistance

D.C. Prisoners' Legal Services Project


Drug Policy Alliance

Drug War Prisoners




Family and Corrections Network

Family and Friends of People Incarcerated - March on DC

Free Feds Foundation

Financial Recovery Guide for the Formerly Incarcerated

Forfeiture Endangers Americans Rights

Fortune Society

Health In Prisons Project - Europe

Help From Beyond

Human Rights/Drug War

Human Rights Watch

Jailing the Mentally Ill

Justice Policy Institute

Justice Project

Justice Roundtable

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

Lords of the Dragon

Making the Walls Transparent

Media Awareness Project

Medical Advocates For Social Justice

Mind Freedom

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives

National CURE


November Coalition

Offender Preparation and Education Network, Inc.


Prison Fellowship International

Prisons Foundation

Prison Guards

Prisoner Life

Prisoners of Love

Prison Talk Online

Price of Punishment

Prison Reform Advocacy Center

Project Return

Reconsider Forum on Drug Policy

Recovery Guide

Religious Leaders for a More Just and Compassionate Drug Policy

Restorative Justice

Save Kids of Incarcerated Parents

Sentencing Project

Stanford Prison Experiment

Stop Prisoner Rape

Surviving the System

Urban Institute

Unitarian Universalists

We Believe Group

Women's Human Rights

Without Prejudice

Women Coping in Prison

Women's Human Rights Net

Women's Prison Association

World Advocacy

Criminal Justice Research

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Action America

American Society of Criminology

Mother Jones

Prison Legal News

Bazelon Center

Center for Public Integrity

Criminal Justice Initiative

Criminal Justice Legal Foundation

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation


Heritage Foundation

National Criminal Justice Association


Sentencing Law and Policy (Blakely v. Washington)

Social Science Research

Vera Institute of Justice

Western Prison Project

Office of National Drug Policy Control

360 Degrees

U.S. Prison Industry Organizations
American Correctional Association
American Correctional Food Assoc
American Correctional Health Services Assoc
American Jail Association
American Probation and Parole Association
Corrections Technology Association
Correctional Accreditation Managers Assoc
Correctional Education Association
Correctional Association of Massachusetts
Council of Juvenile Correctional Admin
Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice
International Association of Correctional Training Personnel
Middle Atlantic States Correctional Assoc
National Institute of Corrections
National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice
National Corrections and Law Enforcement Training and Technology Center
National Commission on Correct. Health Care
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
New Jersey County Jail Wardens' Association
New Jersey ACA Chapter
National Major Gangs Task Force
NY Corrections & Youth Services Association
North American Assoc. of Wardens & Superintendents
South Carolina Jail Administrators' Association
Southern States Correctional Association
TRC, Eastern Kentucky University
United States Deputy Wardens' Association
Northeast Technology and Product Assessment Committee (NTPAC)

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