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Federal Inmate Population Average 150,000+/- people.
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FedCURE: Federal Prison Chapter
CURE: Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants

A National Effort to Reduce Crime
Through Federal Criminal Justice Reform


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Because federal criminal justice information is so time sensitive and so extensive we no longer print newsletters, per se, except for instutional editions sent via our TRULINCS/CORRLINKS listserv. Data is maintained in real time, static and archived here, on listserv and on our websites.

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Dear FedCURE Members and Friends:

The Board of Directors, would like to extend an invitation to each of you to join us in our efforts to reform the federal prison system in the United States. Federal CURE, Incorporated (FedCURE) is a nonprofit organization that deals solely with the issues faced by federal inmates and their loved ones. We are working to reinstate parole; to increase good time allowances; and to restore PELL grants for all federal offenders. We promote a system that incarcerates fewer people and provides humane conditions for those who are incarcerated or under post-incarceration supervision via parole or supervised release.

To learn more and to get involved join FedCURE's free Listserve, Discussion and Support Group, where you can interact with FedCURE staffers and almost 3,000 FedCURE subscribers.

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We encourage you to download, print and mail the information FedCURE publishes to any people you know that are incarcerated in federal prison. Feel free to post it on other websites dealing with federal prison issues and federal criminal justice reform. FedCURE's Board of Directors has made this information available on the Internet free of charge to anyone interested in criminal justice reform. Please note, however, that the material contained herein is copyright protected and as such, permission must be obtained before republishing any portion thereof in other publications.

There are four things you can do to help us accomplish systemic change in the federal criminal justice system: (1) FedCURE needs to be kept abreast of issues you are confronting while you or a loved one is incarcerated in the BOP; (2) FedCURE needs members who are innovative advocates in order to facilitate changes in the federal prison system; (3) FedCURE needs you to become actively involved in the fight to accomplish the reforms needed in the federal prison system, and; (4) FedCURE needs your support through membership and tax deductible donations so we can keep fighting to secure the rights of all federal inmates.

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The Board of Directors,

Serving Federal Prisoners and Their Families

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